Obsthof Beerenbunt is located in the idyllic area of Triebischtal, 10 km west of Dresden. Stephan Kaiser and his family bought two dilapidated four-sided courtyards in 2007 and renovated them with the environment and preservation in mind.

In 2011, Stephan founded the “Obsthof Beerenbunt” company on this spot. Since then, we have been producing a colorful assortment of berries, ecologically, in accordance with Bioland guidelines in and around Helbigsdorf. Strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, hardy (mini) kiwis, and blueberries grow across our 5.5 hectares of land. Supported by one direct employee and several seasonal workers, the berries are carefully cultivated and freshly marketed in the natural season from May to November.

The varieties cultivated are recognizable by their particularly good taste and are sufficiently robust to be grown sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner

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