Esther Fortmann

I decided to buy an Afarmerforyou box because it is so convenient with kids when you need to do less shopping and can still have fresh organic food from local farmers. The vegetables and fruit were very delicious, it reminded me a bit of the fruit from my grandmother’s garden, everything had much more taste than fruit from the supermarket! I already recommended it to my friends, as I think it is a win win-win: for consumers, farmers and planet earth!

Olivia Czetwertynski

For many years now I try to buy local, regional fruits and vegetables for me and my family. I used to go to local shops or bio markets but even though it is quite difficult to know from who you are buying, if the prices are fair for the farmers, if it is seasonal food. What I love from Afarmerforyou, which is now our main source of fruits and vegetables, is that I know it comes directly from the farmers, giving them a fair price and even I can read more about them on the website, see their profile, it is like meeting them virtually.

John Z. Komurki

We had trouble finding tasty, sustainably-sourced fruit and vegetables in Berlin — unless you have the time to go to a special market, it can be easy to end up buying bland products swathed in plastic from the local supermarket. Afarmerforyou has really switched up our diet. The quality of the product is exceptional, the service is impeccable and the prices are spot on! I have been converting my friends to this awesome initiative. Discovering AFFY really made a big, positive change in my life.

Sonia Camacho

With kids it is not always easy to go to the market to buy the vegetables and fruits you want them to eat. afarmerfroyou brings you a box of delicious fresh products treated with care and has been the discovery of the year!