Are they organic products?

All our producers work using organic production systems to ensure maximum respect for the land and your health. They avoid using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, instead opting for organic seeds to produce their crops without resorting to genetic engineering or additives. Not all of them have an organic certification, which can be too expensive for small producers, but all of them have respectful ways of working the land, which you can read about in their profiles or websites.

What exactly does each box include?

Click on the button under each box and it will take you to a page that details all the products it includes.

What if I want to change a product?

When you go to pay for your box, if there are any of the products you do not like, write it in the “note” section of the shipment, we will exchange it for another.

When, how and where will I receive my order?

You will receive it at your house, on the assigned delivery day for your area:

Monday: Friederichsein, Alt Treptow

Tuesday: Kreuzberg, Nuekölln

Wednesday: Mitte, Prenzl. Berg

Thursday: Tempelhof, Schöneberg

Friday: Charlottenburg

What are the areas and days of delivery?

Monday:Friederichsein, Alt Treptow

Tuesday: Kreuzberg, Nuekölln

Wednesday: Mitte, Prenzl. Berg

Thursday: Tempelhof, Schöneberg

Friday: Charlottenburg- Wilmesdorf

Can I choose the delivery time?

The delivery time is between 18:00 PM and 21:30 PM. At the moment, you can send us an email explaining that you would like to receive your order at a certain time (if 18:00 PM is too early for you, for example). We will try our best to do this for you (for instance, if you ask whether you can receive your order at 21:40 PM), but it is not always possible for us to deliver at exact times. If you have young children, please provide your phone number so that we can avoid using your intercom.

What is the mode of purchase?

The purchase is by subscription, once a week, once a month, twice a month, as you prefer. It is made for you not to have to order again and again the same. Also, it is really easy to cancel subscription until 3 days before your delivery. To do it you need just click the option “unsubscribe” in your profile.