“We attach great importance to transparency and authenticity: Every Friday, during the farm sale, you are free to take a tour of our fields and greenhouses.


You can be sure that we are:

avoiding synthetic fertilisers and pesticides,

using of organic seeds,

producing of fruits and vegetables without genetic engineering or questionable additives,

Prioritising quality over quantity

Respectful and considerate of how we use the land

and of nature as a whole.


Since 1992 we have been managing our 3-hectare farm according to ecological principles, pouring our hearts into the work. There is one thing that goes into every cucumber, tomato and potato: hard manual work.

And you can feel and taste it!”


Gärtnerinnenhof Blumberg
Krummenseer Straße 5a
16356 Blumberg (29 km from Berlin)
Their Instagram: @gaertnerinnenhof_blumberg

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