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Read what you will receive:

In your box, you will find a selection of seasonal products (similar in ammount to the photo9 and listed in this page.

It´s come directly from the orchard and arrive at your home, free of plastics. Vegetables, such as these, are difficult to find in the supermarket.

✓ Potatoes Linda 850 gr.
✓ Carrots 500 gr.
✓ Kohlrabi 1 pc.
✓ Radishes 1 bunch
✓ Tomatoes 450 gr.
✓ Salad 250 gr.

In case any of these products is not available or are not available in these quantities, it will be replaced by another one in order to try to please and surprise you.

Areas and days of delivery

Monday: Friederichsein, Alt Treptow

Tuesday: Kreuzberg, Nuekölln

Wednesday: Mitte, Prenzl. Berg

Thursday: Tempelhof, Schöneberg

Friday: Charlottenburg

Deliveries are made between 18:00 pm and 21:30 pm


Gärtnerinnenhof Blumberg. Committed with heart and hand to the organic cultivation of various types of fruit and vegetables and they would be happy if you visit them.

Gärtnerinnenhof Blumberg,
Krummenseer Straße 5a
16356 Blumberg (29 km from Berlin)

their instagram: @gaertnerinnenhof_blumberg

Finca “Lo Pincho”. In Granada, Spain, there is a part with a tropical coast climate. Felix and his partner are farmers committed to the land and organic production and accept visits and stays.

Finca”Lo Pincho”
Jete 18699, Granada, Spain

During COVID-19

Until COVID-19 is influentially present in our lives, we will follow these steps for the deliveries:

– The rider will ring the building´s bell door,

– will leave the fruit and vegetables and in paper bags at your door (if you want to leave a basket, stool or wooden bench at your door where he/she can leave the bags, much better)

– he/she will ring the bell of your house and will have to leave, please wait a moment before open

If you want to communicate something to us, please contact us per email writing at

We would love to do in another way, smile to you, and know personally but due to the current situation, we are forced to make it in another way.

Please, if there is any person belonging to the risk groups in your building or among your loved ones, we want to help him/her to stay safe at home and enjoy fresh vegetables, please tell her/him about us. We will charge a person belonging to the risk group in your building or among your friends 5.5 euros less corresponding to the delivery cost.


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