We believe that organic fruit growing, especially Demeter fruit growing, is the most sustainable method of fruit production. But, this is not enough for us! In terms of ecology and environmental protection, clean energy, and social commitment, we go far beyond the legal requirements of organic farming and call this method Augustin Öko-Plus.

Using the forces of nature
Important components of the Demeter philosophy are biodynamic preparations that are applied regularly. They stimulate the microbiological activity in the soil and in this way, they strengthen the plant’s own defenses. The result: particularly tasty fruit with strong sustainability.

Homeopathy in the field
Biodynamic preparations are divided into spray and compost preparations. Spray preparations such as horn manure and horn pebbles are swirled in water in tiny amounts. The water, after being dynamized in this way, is then applied to plants and soil. Here, instead of a material, it has an energising effect, thus using an approach usually associated with homoeopathic medicines

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