Since 2009, the farmers of Navas de San Juan, have been making an immeasurable effort to convert the olive grove of this town into a forest of olive trees, under the umbrella of integrated production. This means maintaining production, while at the same time respecting the environment so that this crop becomes a CO2 sink and an environment with high levels of biodiversity. The olives that grow surrounded by such extraordinary diversity are impregnated with countless nuances that give them very complex aromas. Among these, we can find the freshness of green grass, tomato, almond, artichoke, banana, and so on, and this can vary from one year to another.


The fruit comes from plots that have been selected based on criteria such as fruit quality and optimum harvest maturity. The olives are picked from trees with blankets underneath, which prevent contact with the ground, and are transported to the oil press within a few hours. Here the oil is carefully extracted solely by mechanical methods and through low temperatures, in order to preserve all of its aromas. This way the end result is an oil of exceptional quality, with great character, which is very balanced making it suitable for use with any type of food. Meals are improved and made healthier due to the content of antioxidant compounds and oleic acid, beneficial for the reduction of “bad” cholesterol (LDL).


This oil is subjected to a certification system administered by an external entity that certifies both the cultivation techniques and quality through the SEAL OF INTEGRATED PRODUCTION QUALITY. This is marked on the packaging and is recognized at the Spanish regional and national levels.

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