EI care received the “best new product” award from BioFach in 2012.

Do you why? because the way in which they obtain the eggs is extremely respectful to the animals.

This project was launched in 2011 to create an alternative to today’s chicken farming that specializes in either egg or high-performance meat. The traditional way of keeping chickens also raised the ethical problem that the male chicks of the hybrid chicken raised for egg production were useless and were therefore killed. This topic is important for the organic industry and ethical solutions are a central concern.

The Ei-care farms do not work with hybrid animals, but rather orient themselves with the natural nature of the animals through the use of pedigree chickens. Both sexes of the “Les Bleues” are vital and fast-growing, neither are overbred and each of them brings a really natural life performance with the result of a very special taste. In addition to a hardworking hen sister, a handsome rooster brother can also grow up.

Try these eggs, support a project that works for a different future in which we live in a much more respectful and sustainable way.



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